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Bonus #1:

Review Mgmt Slidedeck & Presentation

Get the slide show we've used to sell review management services to our clients in multiple industries.

Including restaurants, hair salons, carpet cleaning, gyms, plumbers, pest control, landscapers, dentists, and doctors.

Take it, customize it, and sell review management services through GoHighLevel.

Bonus #2:

Review Management Landing Page

Want to sell more review & referral management packages to your clients? Want to have a killer way to make a first impression?

I've packaged up our review management landing page and can deliver it to you in either Wordpress Divi, or as GHL website template.

You choose how you want to work.

GHL Power Tools



"My Mind Is Blown With What You Guys Are Building! - Deon"

Update Custom Values, Import Contacts, Send Smarter Reviews, Request Local Referrals, Display Promotions, Take Loyalty Cards, Give Rewards, Video Testimonials, AI Automations... and a TON More!

More Tools & System Being Added Monthly


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What's In The BOX!

  • GHL Smart Reviews - to help your clients get more reviews with our proven funnels, workflows and messaging. (Retails $697)

  • GHL Smart Referrals - Help your clients lock down more valuable referrals from social media, and direct referrals (Retails $697)

  • GHL Smart Loyalty & Rewards (3 Location Licenses to kick off your Loyalty Empire) - Add more as you grow.

  • Custom Values Updater - Set up advanced onboarding workflows and systems to let your customers update any custom values from any form. (Retails $500)

  • Front End Bulk Uploader - Perfect for Database Reactivation campaigns and onboarding - have your new clients upload a list of contacts without logging into High Level - then segment and control which workflows to add them too. (Retails $500)

  • Subdomain Manager With Mailgun - Automate creating subdomains for your SAAS products & services then automatically create mailgun sub accounts and we'll update all the DNS info for you saving you a crazy amount of time dealing with the tech (Retails $500)

  • Advanced QR Code Generator - Create advanced QR codes that can link to any system or funnel you want. (Retails $297)

  • Advanced Funnel / Website Scripts - Custom written Javascript tools you can use to enhance your funnel pages.

  • Niche Snapshots - (Priceless)

  • Funnels - (Priceless)

  • Fomo Style Review Widget

  • Calendar Booking Page Templates

  • Link Tree Style Funnel Templates

  • NEW - Contact Card Creator - Add Vcards to outgoing SMS messages so prospects and contacts can add your contact info to their phone - boosting engagement and reducing spam (Retails $500)

  • More Added Monthly...

On the Roadmap...

  • Membership Certificates...

  • Gamification Funnels...

  • Share To Win Funnels...

  • EL Messenger - Facebook CRM

  • Promotions Manager

  • Video Testimonials

  • Loyalty Cards

Tell us what you would like to see.

SMART Reviews (Value $997)

Add a new 6 figure revenue stream to your agency, or offer a really impressive value add to your already awesome offer.

Our Flagship Review and Referral system built to replicate other whitelabel Review systems such as Offering Unlimited Review sites, a custom values updater, complete workflows, opportunities, and messaging for requesting reviews and referrals for really great Reputation Management.

SMART Referrals (Value $997)

Packaged with our Review and Referral system above - do more than simply ask great customers for a review. While they're engaged and taking action, ask them to share on social media, refer a friend, or invite a new acquaintance to check you out.

Then offer them a referral bonus for being such a great and loyal customer.

SMART Loyalty & Rewards - 3 Licenses (Value $997)

The only White Label Loyalty & Rewards system built for Go High Level.

Generate a huge ROI for your clients by leveraging the customers/patients who already love them. User our loyalty points system to incentivise more visits, bigger purchases, and referral actions so that they have more revenue coming through the door without added costs.

Loyalty & Rewards is our newest smart powered system designed to give you a business you can launch quickly for any industry.



Home Services.

Check out the sales page here for more info: SMART Loyalty & Rewards

CSV Bulk Contact Uploader (Value $500)

As an agency owner you know ---> Not all clients are technical masterminds. So when it comes to database reactivations, adding new contacts, tagging, adding to workflows, and segmenting their customers you may have your work cut out for you training those clients on how to use your system properly.... or maybe you employ VAs to do it for you.

Either way we built this tool to make it as simple as possible for clients to upload their own contact lists at onboarding, or for weekly or monthly automations so you can keep your hands free doing more important tasks.

Agency Clients can easily upload a contact list the fields, and you can be sure those contacts will be tagged, segmented and sorted properly.

Add Subdomains & Create Mailgun Accounts
(Value $500)

After running our agency for over 15 years (since 2008) and designing websites for many years, one of the most time consuming struggles is trying to properly access a client's domain registrar. After days of tyring to get the account info after being sent old passwords, wordpress logins, and links to their email, you finally get access only to find out they bought their domain through some back country domain registrar or worse.... they bought it on wix.

Now days we bypass all of that and have clients domains set up within minutes, Mailgun accounts created, DMARC, SPIF, and DKIM entries added and all without lifting a finger.

With our subdomain manager you can have a clients domain, mailgun, and DNS entries created automatically, saving you about 30 minutes per set up, and a ton of headaches as you automate more tasks you hate doing in High Level.

Update Custom Values Via Form (Value $500)

Update any custom values in your accounts or in snapshots using forms in High Level, or by using our advanced custom values API integrated page.

Clients aren't always the most technical, so when you send them to a page to update custom values, their eyes cross, their stomachs churn, and their anxiety levels jump through the roof as they slowly scan the list of brackets, urls, code looking things, and numbers on the custom values page.

The better way is for clients to update custom values using an easy to follow and familiar looking form.

We've built this system so you can easily map custom fields, to custom values and assign those collections to unlimited sub accounts and snapshots. So when you deploy new accounts, snapshots, or features clients can update their preferences without getting overwhelmed.

Easily Display Promotions (Value $500)

Easily let your clients add and manage daily or weekly promotions, events, coupons, and posts from a stupid simple interface rather than updating and editing high level funnel pages.

This is the easiest way you integrate promotions into High Level and send out through email, SMS, Messenger, or Instagram Campaigns.

Let customers sign up as VIP members, and send them promotional updates at any time.

Create QR Codes In SubAccounts (Value $250)

Let your clients easily generate QR codes for promotional items, weblinks, conference screens , menus or anything you can think of. Add URLs, change colours, change sizes, borders.

"This is going to be a game changer for our agency, you have to get on a GHL HotSeat and talk about this"
-- Jake Shore

"This is exactly what we've been looking for, for almost 11 months. Other database reactivation agencies would love this too"
-- Steve Miller


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Add Powerful, and Easy to implement tools, scripts, and snapshots designed by agency owners to help you do more in High Level faster and with less overhead.

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Hey GHLers,

Our mission is to create easy to implement tools, scripts, snapshots and systems that enhance High Level so that you can onboard customers quicker, and get them set up faster, removing the headache and time needed to create great lasting products in High Level.

Ultimately it's about helping you add more to your bottom line, by servicing more customers with better products.

It will allow you to add:

  • Reviews (optional)

  • Referrals (optional)

  • Subdomain Manager

  • Mailgun Automater

  • Custom Values Updater

  • Website and funnel scripts

  • Marketing Snapshots

  • Training

  • And Much More Added Monthly.

If you're not 100% happy we'll do everything we can to make it right.

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